Taller de repaso general Matemática Grado 4°

Taller práctico de ingles grado 5°
Rutinas en inglés/ Reading exercise about the routines in English
1.Lee el siguiente texto sobre las rutinas de un hombre llamado Mathew y luego contesta las preguntas de comprensión.

2.Subraya mínimo 15 palabra que no conozcas del texto y busca su significad.
My friend Mathew has a very hectic life. For starters, he has three jobs. In the morning he works as a teacher, in the afternoon as a taxi driver and at night as a singer. Mathew wakes up at 4 am, he takes a shower, gets dressed and goes to school. He doesn’t have time for breakfast at home so he has breakfast at school. Mathew teaches 5th grade. He loves children so enjoys his work. At 12:30 Mathew always has lunch with his coworkers. Then he goes to his father’s house to pick up his father’s taxi and begins working as a taxi driver. He is a good driver and likes talking to passengers about politics and sports. Mathew has a rock band; at night the band plays some music at a local bar. After s…
Taller práctico de ingles grado 4°
Tema: saludos, presentaciones y preguntas con Wh.
Lee el siguiente texto y responde laspreguntas de acuerdo a la informaciónque se encuentra allí.Busca el significado de las palabras que no conoces.
Introducing Yourself
Hello! My name is Ana. I am twenty-five years old. I live in Miami, Florida with my husband and two children. I have one son in kindergarten and one daughter in first grade. They both attend public school. My husband is a mechanic. On weekends, he works at a restaurant as a dishwasher. The restaurant usually gets more customers on weekends, so they need extra people to wash dishes.
Q1: Who is introducing herself?
Q2: How old is she?
Q3: Where does Ana live?
Q4: What is her husband’s profession?
Q5: Where does he work on weekends?
Q6: How many children does Ana have?